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Reseller Pricing and Deductions
This is an application you cannot afford to miss. SMS business using this app can be done even on the move with ones mobile phone.

The application, been created and developed by ourselves, is designed to be freely given to our resellers. We install to our re-sellers' website (existing website) at #5,000.00, being administrative charges only. But for new website, we take #9,500.00 (PROMO PRICE. This shall go back to #11,000.00k after Dec 15th 2015) only for the entire package which includes; Domain naming, hosting and setting up of the application on the website.

Indeed,this is nothing but a bonus.

Check it out;

Website cost at least #25,00.00k,
SMS portal software goes for #15,000.00k
And you are having all at our PROMO PRICE of #9,500.00k. Even with free 100 units of SMS for testing.

Among others, the following menus are available to the administrator to administer the portal through laptops, desktops or mobile phones.

Reseller Prices

Unit PriceUnit Deduction
1.35k1.35 units/sms Any Network (N.B: Glo=1.6 while landline=3.0)